Defining A Clear Path

RMB Retirement Plan Solutions calibrates all aspects of a retirement plan to target optimized outcomes for the organization, its employees, and its executives. We serve as a co-fiduciary, providing comprehensive retirement plan consulting that is focused on driving measurable improvements.

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Fiduciary Safeguard

Our role is rooted in helping you save time, reduce fiduciary risk, and reduce personal liability. We serve as an ERISA co-fiduciary to the plan, allowing you to delegate certain responsibilities to us—helping to ensure excellence in plan management through an independent, objective governance and monitoring process and to uphold your obligations through a documented oversight process.

Participant Experience

We are focused on ensuring that employees are well prepared when they reach retirement. To optimize their future paths, we analyze your employee demographics to identify new ways of increasing plan effectiveness, help you evaluate new plan design ideas, create a customized education and advice strategy suited to your organization’s culture based on industry best practices, and track success so that the appropriate improvements can be implemented.

Benchmarking and RFP Vendor Searches

We have a deep understanding of how the various aspects of your retirement plan can impact fiduciary risk, costs, and overall success. With access to robust record-keeper analysis and reporting technology, we collect, evaluate, and compare a wide range of data from many different vendors. This helps inform our conversations about various service providers, especially those that are well positioned to address your plan’s objectives. On an ongoing basis, we help you fulfill your fiduciary obligation to monitor and benchmark your service providers, maintaining the competitiveness and reasonableness of their arrangements with you.

Investment Due Diligence

Our team of investment research professionals helps to determine the most effective investment structure and plan options for you. Through a rigorous analysis of investments and an unbiased approach, we make customized recommendations based on your unique needs to help reduce risk and improve investment performance.