Defining A Clear Path

Curi RMB Capital Retirement Plan Solutions calibrates all aspects of a retirement plan to target optimized outcomes for the organization, its employees, and its executives. We serve as a co-fiduciary, providing comprehensive retirement plan consulting that is focused on driving measurable improvements.

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What Makes Curi RMB Capital Unique

  • Curi RMB Capital Is Holistic

    We work closely with you to examine all aspects of your organization’s retirement plan and gain an understanding of your goals. Curi RMB Capital provides fiduciary advice and consulting, while also serving as a “fiduciary quarterback” to help steer our clients towards the best retirement plans.

  • Dedicated Team of Retirement Specialists

    Our retirement planning specialists work as an extension of your human resources department, leveraging specialized expertise about how different aspects of retirement plan performance impact your organization and stakeholders. Dedicated teams are supported by investment and advisory professionals throughout Curi RMB Capital, which amplifies our ability to drive impactful results.

  • Curi RMB Capital Is Results Oriented

    To drive measurable improvements across retirement plans, we leverage an understanding of how each aspect can impact our clients’ fiduciary risks, costs, and overall success. To ensure clients have the best way to save for retirement, we focus on:

    • Decreasing fiduciary risk through well-documented processes
    • Providing quarterly funds monitoring and reporting
    • Leveraging resources to reduce expenses
    • Increasing employee participation
    • Maximizing returns
  • Customized Pricing

    Pricing is strategic in nature and based on alignment between clients and the Retirement Plan Solutions team. We work with clients to agree on pricing that is transparent, competitive, and fair. Our team also ensures that your pricing agreements with other retirement plan vendors are reasonable at the company and employee level.

  • Robust Resources

    As an independent firm, we have the investment advisory capabilities of a larger company, while maintaining the flexibility and personalized approach of a smaller organization. This gives us an unimpeded path to helping you retire smart and capitalize on your retirement savings.


Our Services


Fiduciary Status

Curi RMB Capital assumes fiduciary responsibility for your retirement plan and acts as either a 3(21) or 3(38), providing specialized expertise and recommendations on how different aspects of plan performance impact your organization and stakeholders.


Fiduciary Process Management

Comprehensive services include quarterly fiduciary reporting, investment monitoring, and a proprietary dashboard for easy retirement plan access. We collaborate with vendors to address any issues that arise and advocate for your best retirement plan options. In addition to tailoring meeting schedules to you, we track all committee decisions related to the plan, ensuring a seamless and well-documented experience.


Fiduciary Education

So you or your employees can retire smart, Curi RMB Capital provides training on fiduciary roles and responsibilities, and maintains all fiduciary files and documents via an online Fiduciary Briefcase for centralized and secure access. We also will work with your committee to develop and update Committee Charters and Investment Policy Statements.


Participant Experience & Education

We begin with an employee survey to identify the retirement planning topics that matter most to your employees. Then we create a personalized education strategy, providing guidance throughout the retirement planning process.

Our team is licensed to give investment advice and can provide in-depth education through group presentations and one-on-one consultations, covering a wide range of financial topics beyond retirement plans such as estate planning and more. Additionally, we offer a plan design review in collaboration with your committee to optimize your retirement plan's structure.


Benchmarking & RFP Vendor Searches

Since Curi RMB Capital is completely independent, we do not receive compensation from any retirement plan vendors and are able to work with any vendor. We provide regular benchmarking for your fees, to ensure that your company and participants are paying reasonable and fair rates for the services provided.


Request for Proposal Process

Each of our clients has regularly scheduled RFP’s for the retirement plan vendors, where we receive live marketplace bids from top-tier vendors. The needs of your plan are always our priority and we will negotiate fees with your incumbent provider when appropriate.


Investment Due Diligence

Our investment selection is based on thorough analysis of funds and tailored to your employees' needs and circumstances. We monitor funds quarterly, providing detailed performance and expense reports. With ongoing advice and consulting, we improve risk/return characteristics of selected funds and monitor expenses.

You’ll also receive an in-depth fund comparison when appropriate, as well as documentation on all decisions and considerations made by Curi RMB Capital. Our watchlist process identifies funds for closer attention, and we provide recommendations for retention or replacement based on your needs.