With Purpose

We believe in investing in our people, as it’s imperative that we have professionals who are able to manage our investment portfolios, client relationships, and business operations proficiently—today and well into the future. A strong culture is paramount to attracting and retaining those individuals, and our culture is consistently cited by our employees as one of the things they enjoy most about working here.


Our Values

The foundation of our culture is a shared commitment to our values. Collectively, these values serve as a benchmark by which we measure prospective employees’ fit with our firm and current employees’ performance as individuals and team members.

  • Do the Right Thing

    We act with integrity and treat people with respect, earning trust through authenticity.

  • Invest in Relationships

    We have a people-first culture, committed to knowing, understanding, and caring about each other and those we serve.

  • Never Settle

    We have high standards, striving for excellence in all we do.

  • Leave No Stone Unturned

    We take a proactive, curious, and disciplined approach, always going the extra mile.

  • Get It Done

    We are accountable, creating solutions through deep understanding to achieve results that matter.

More Than a Job

We believe learning about each other as people and interacting in different ways strengthens working relationships. While our culture has been defined by the leaders of our firm, we empower employees to play a role in fostering it—whether at an individual level on a daily basis or through collaboration with other employees on one of our formally organized initiatives.

  • Culture Club

    We host and sponsor a variety of events and initiatives to create opportunities for employees to interact, have fun, and build relationships. These include team-building events, book clubs, happy hours, volunteer opportunities, family picnics, sports outings, employee spotlight interviews, and more. Our Culture Club generates ideas for the types of activities we offer, including how to encourage participation and engagement.

  • The Employee Trust

    The Employee Trust, a group of employees who represent a cross-section of the firm in terms of seniority, tenure, department, location, and gender, was established to facilitate and address employee feedback at Curi RMB Capital. We conduct a comprehensive, anonymous employee survey annually to gauge employees’ satisfaction with our culture, collaboration and communications, learning and professional development, work-life blend, and leadership. Employees have consistently given us high marks on statements that relate to our culture—feeling at home, proud to work here, committed to doing their best work, and cared for as an employee of the firm.

  • Mentorship Program

    Mentorship is a key contributor to our culture at Curi RMB Capital and to our work as a firm to build relationships and make a difference. Peer-to-peer mentorship fosters positive connections between mentors and mentees and encourages learning from one another and building relationships. This program is designed to provide support in the areas of cultural integration, career development, and relationship building, all of which are essential components of our overall mission. We believe that by participating in this mentorship program, individuals can gain valuable insights and connections that will help them grow both personally and professionally.

  • Training and Development

    We take our employees' growth and learning seriously. Our comprehensive Learning & Development (L&D) program offers a wide range of valuable and diverse training opportunities related to our business model, practice areas, culture and values, leadership philosophy, operations, and executional standards, as well as the financial industry as a whole. Our program includes DEI training, Curi RMB Capital University classes, lunch and learns, career pathing, continuing education, and professional accreditation support, all geared towards promoting individual and organizational effectiveness.