With Purpose

We believe in investing in our people, as it’s imperative that we have professionals who are able to manage our investment portfolios, client relationships, and business operations proficiently—today and well into the future. A strong culture is paramount to attracting and retaining those individuals, and our culture is consistently cited by our employees as one of the things they enjoy most about working here.


Our Values

The foundation of our culture is a shared commitment to our values. Collectively, these values serve as a benchmark by which we measure prospective employees’ fit with our firm and current employees’ performance as individuals and team members.

  • Authenticity

    We are true to ourselves and to those we serve, choosing integrity and substance over style.

  • Excellence

    It is a standard we set for ourselves, and one we expect our clients to set for us.

  • Rigor

    We approach everything we do with thoroughness, professionalism, and attention to detail.

  • Solutions

    We proactively provide ideas, options, answers, and clarity.

  • Results

    If we have not created highly satisfactory long-term results, then we have more work to do.

More Than a Job

We believe learning about each other as people and interacting in different ways strengthens working relationships. While our culture has been defined by the leaders of our firm, we empower employees to play a role in fostering it—whether at an individual level on a daily basis or through collaboration with other employees on one of our formally organized initiatives.

  • Conscious Leadership Group

    As a firm, we have embraced the philosophy of the Conscious Leadership Group, detailed in the book The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. It has been helpful in establishing a common language and set of aspirational expectations around the idea of leadership at RMB. In addition to receiving a copy of the book, all employees are exposed to the concepts through blog posts on our intranet and optional discussion sessions. Employees in executive and management roles are also assigned to dedicated groups who participate in recurring workshops.

  • The Employee Trust

    To facilitate and address employee feedback, we have established The Employee Trust, which is a group of employees who represent a cross-section of the firm in terms of seniority, tenure, department, location, and gender. On an annual basis, in partnership with an outside vendor, The Employee Trust conducts a comprehensive, anonymous employee survey in an effort to gauge employees’ satisfaction with our culture, internal communications, training, and professional growth opportunities. Employees have consistently given us high marks on statements that relate to our culture—feeling at home here, proud to work here, committed to doing their best work here, and cared for as an employee of the firm.

  • Women Invested

    Women Invested was created to reinforce one of RMB’s best assets: our strong representation of talented women. Its mission is to foster financial confidence and freedom for women in our communities while promoting professional development and cultivating camaraderie among the women of RMB. Women Invested pursues its mission by:

    1. raising awareness and understanding of challenges and opportunities related to women and money;
    2. highlighting our ability to address women-specific financial planning and investment issues;
    3. encouraging curiosity about career opportunities for women at RMB;
    4. supporting a culture of inclusion within and around RMB; and
    5. creating opportunities for RMB women to learn from and about each other—and have fun together.
  • Culture Club

    To create opportunities for employees to interact and have fun, we host and sponsor a variety of events and initiatives. These include monthly office happy hours, intramural sports leagues, volunteer outings, family picnics, and more. Our Culture Club generates ideas for the types of activities we’ll offer, including how to encourage participation and engagement.