About Us

At RMB Capital, our goal is to create value for our clients. Leveraging our team’s insight and expertise, we deliver specialized financial advice and innovative investment solutions that are designed to preserve and grow assets for individuals, families, institutions, and employers.

Facts and Figures

Approx. $10.5B AUM¹

Increased from $500M at inception

Over 97%

client retention²

New business driven by referrals and word of mouth

Approx. 144


31 CFPs

21 CFAs

Estimated AUM and all other information as of 9/30/21.

¹Total assets under management (“AUM”) presented here differs from regulatory assets under management (“RAUM”) reported on RMB Capital Form ADV. AUM reflects net assets under management for private funds and mutual funds managed by RMB Capital, while RAUM reflects gross assets under management. AUM also includes RMB West’s assets under advisement, which are not included in RMB Capital’s RAUM.

²Calculated over the last five-year period.

All information presented is subject to change at any time and is provided only as of the date indicated.