What Makes Us Different

We believe RMB Wealth Management is able to offer you a rare combination of capabilities when it comes to in-house planning and investment expertise. Our advisory and investment professionals work together to craft and deliver an integrated wealth plan—including financial planning tactics, customized asset allocation recommendations, and sophisticated investment solutions—that is designed to manage risk, seize opportunity, and drive results.


What We Do for You

Planning Centered on Your Goals

We assess your complete financial picture to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities—proactively addressing items that may otherwise have the potential to counteract your long-term goals. Your financial plan has various components, and the impact of each on your overall plan will depend on your personal circumstances. On an ongoing basis, we collaborate with your legal, accounting, and insurance partners to optimize an integrated financial plan while seeking to minimize the burden on you.

  • Retirement Analysis

    We develop personalized projections based on conservative assumptions, creating a realistic path to your goals. By analyzing multiple "what if" scenarios and probability assessments, we help you make informed decisions today about saving strategies and spending habits that will impact your future.

  • Tax Planning

    We approach your financial life from a tax-sensitive perspective, looking for ways to reduce your tax burden now and/or in the future. We also coordinate with your accountant to ensure that our actions are transparent and complementary.

  • Estate Planning

    When your assets outlive you, your financial plan must also. In collaboration with your estate planning attorney, we help develop a plan that addresses the nuances of your particular situation, whether it is straightforward or complex.

  • Education Funding

    To help finance your children's or grandchildren's education, we outline potential savings vehicles and strategies and analyze which best suit your needs. We create customized projections, aid the implementation of the plan, and continually monitor the plan’s progress.

  • Insurance Analysis

    We aim to provide a sense of safety and security for you and your family. We review your current insurance strategies (ownership, beneficiaries, and so on) and also look for potential gaps in coverage that unnecessarily increase your exposure to various insurable risks.

  • Charitable Giving Strategy

    After gaining an understanding of your charitable intentions and gifting methods, we explore ways to streamline execution and optimize tax efficiency, such as identifying highly appreciated securities from your portfolio to gift and assisting with the transfer process.

  • Compensation & Benefits

    We help you optimize your total compensation package and meld it effectively with your other assets and income sources. Our analysis and recommendations cover stock option exercise strategies, investment options and allocations, and compensation elections, among others.

Integration of Your Plan and Portfolio

Before we delve into your specific investment strategy recommendations, we tailor a customized allocation specifically for you, assessing current economic conditions alongside your unique considerations.

Depending on the factors at play—both those universal and those specific to you—you and your advisor will discuss recommended weights for types of assets within your total portfolio. Your asset allocation creates the framework for your underlying investments.

Prudent Stewardship of Your Assets

Our investment approach is designed to provide peace of mind and long-term results. We believe our dedication to fundamentals serves clients well through a variety of market environments.

Our entire organization subscribes to the same investment philosophy, which is built around several core ideas: taking a long-term view, conducting fundamental analysis, being opportunistic yet disciplined, and avoiding unnecessary risk. The variety of potential investment solutions we may propose reflects our ability to invest wherever we believe the opportunity is, and the specific strategies we recommend for you will be based on your individual needs, such as liquidity and diversification.