Opportunities for Active Managers

June 20, 2024

By ldraper on June 20, 2024

In this video, we look at how the heightened macro uncertainty and stock return dispersion of late may give active equity managers more potential upside by their ability to focus on companies with strong fundamentals for their portfolios. 

Key Takeaways

  • Since the COVID pandemic, markets have experienced a new regime of greater volatility and uncertainty. This has led to heightened dispersion in markets around the world.   
  • High levels of market dispersion give active managers an opportunity that passive funds don’t have: the chance to be selective and focus on owning securities with strong fundamentals and earnings growth to drive returns.
  • Active management historically outperforms in down markets and when stocks are not moving in sync. Volatility and dispersion often pick up during periods of stress, further underlining the potential of active management in volatile market environments. 
  • With elevated macro uncertainty alongside rich valuations, active managers may have an opportunity to generate alpha through insightful security selection focusing on companies with strong fundamentals.

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