Meet RMB: Molly Eggert

July 20, 2023

By cdarmody on July 20, 2023

Nothing shapes your experience working with RMB more than the people who make our work possible every day. The Meet RMB series offers a chance to get to know our team a little better.

RMB: Can you give us an overview of your role at RMB? 

Molly Eggert: I’m a Client Service Manager, based out of RMB’s Milwaukee office. As a CSM, I oversee the administration and operations of our wealth management team in Milwaukee. I assist with anything that involves speaking to clients, opening accounts, and transferring money. I also organize client events, assist with market outlooks, and Milwaukee office happenings and ensure that every client service standard is being met.

RMB: What does a typical workday look like in your role?

ME: My workday typically starts with checking emails to see which outstanding tasks I have that day – client needs always take priority, of course. Then I check in with the Milwaukee team and our regular morning reports, troubleshooting and updating tasks as needed. I’m currently assisting with a firm-wide project building a centralized queue for the CSAs across teams to boost productivity, task management, and reduce turnover. When I’m not working on that, my day is filled with regular meetings, emails, and calls with clients. 

RMB: Tell us about the education and career path that brought you here. 

ME: I studied communications and business management at Luther College, a liberal arts school in Northeast Iowa. At Luther, I was involved in the school’s Student Activity Council, where I furthered my passion for event planning. This led me to work as a wedding coordinator in Washington, D.C. following graduation. After finding this wasn’t for me, I worked as a Client Service Associate at a wealth management firm, Armstrong Flemming & Moore, before making my way to RMB Capital, where I’ve been for about five years now! 

RMB: What keeps you busy outside of work? 

ME: When I’m not working at RMB, I like spending time with friends and family, attending concerts, and golfing. I also enjoy traveling. My most recent trips were to Dublin and Paris, and I’m looking forward to exploring Colombia this fall!  

RMB: Is there something that you’re especially passionate about in life? 

ME: My golden retriever, Nala! My husband and I brought her home a little over a year ago and we love taking her to the beach, going on long walks, and exploring new trails together.   

RMB: What makes you most proud to work at RMB?  

ME: The people! I feel fortunate to work with individuals that are so talented, genuine, and professional. I’ve worked in different offices before, but RMB has a way of attracting good, stand-up people.  

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