Meet RMB: Lindsay LeValley

August 2, 2023

By cdarmody on August 2, 2023

Nothing shapes your experience working with RMB more than the people who make our work possible every day. The Meet RMB series offers a chance to get to know our team a little better.

RMB: Can you give us an overview of your role at RMB? 

Lindsay LeValley: As a client service manager, I oversee our team of client service administrators and work with our wealth management advisors to make sure our clients are well serviced and their needs are being met.

RMB: What does a typical workday look like in your role?

LL: A typical workday for me begins with reviewing morning reports and our team’s tasks for that day. My days are filled with team meetings, prep for advisor meetings, calls with clients, and assisting where I’m needed.  

RMB: Tell us about the education and career path that brought you here. 

LL: I studied communications and media studies at Western Michigan University before graduating in 2012. I worked at a radio station as a radio personality in Michigan, which was a lot of fun, but I wanted a better work-life balance. I then worked as a senior administrative assistant at Whirlpool, before being referred to RMB by one of my co-workers.

RMB: What keeps you busy outside of work? 

LL: When I’m not working and taking care of my newborn baby, I love all things exercise! I enjoy Pilates, weightlifting, running, and biking. When possible, my family and I go boating on Lake Michigan and we visit Marco Island, Florida annually.

RMB: Is there something that you’re especially passionate about in life? 

LL: I’m passionate about helping others! Whether it’s at work or at home, I enjoy being there for others and being a supportive shoulder to my loved ones. 

RMB: What makes you most proud to work at RMB?  

LL: The people at RMB make me so proud! I know I can reach out to RMB partners, advisors, and our clients and be met with unconditional kindness. This makes coming to work so rewarding, and it's a special feeling being able to work with such great humans.

RMB: Can you tell us more about being a class winner of Moody on the Market 40 under 40 and what this recognition means to you?   

LL: The Moody on the Market 40 Under 40 Award is a prestigious recognition program for professionals under the age of 40 that are making a positive impact in their community. When I worked as a radio personality, I worked with Pat Moody to create this program. Candidates are nominated by someone and judged by a panel before being selected as a recipient. This is special to me because it proves hard work pays off. I was nominated for this award by my co-workers at RMB and I appreciate that they value my efforts. It makes me feel proud to know that I’m contributing to the company and clients I work for and my community.

Read more about Lindsay's recognition by Moody on the Market 40 Under 40 here.

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