December 2022: Security During the Holidays

December 6, 2022

By ldraper on December 6, 2022

December 2022: Security During the Holidays

Twas’ the month before Christmas… and our inboxes start flooding with order confirmations and tracking updates, and our Cyber Monday purchases start piling up at our doorsteps. This increase in email traffic and package delivery gives cyber attackers and porch pirates the perfect opportunity to act. It is important to be on high alert during this time to avoid scams and keep our spirits high during the holidays. Here are a few helpful tips to stay safe.

Phishing Tips

We’ve all gotten that email that looks legitimate... until you take a hard second look. Hackers are becoming more and more crafty these days and mimicking popular companies’ shipping notifications, order confirmations and advertisements. The bottom line is; if it looks ‘phishy’, don’t click! Phishing emails will typically request sensitive data or include links that inevitably install malware to your device. Always double check the actual sender email address and domain name before opening or clicking!

Home Security Tips

Unfortunately, package theft is on the rise – even in the quiet neighborhoods we’ve always felt safe in. I, like many others, am an Amazon addict. I have packages coming to my house almost daily – embarrassing, I know. But criminals are aware of the increase in online ordering during this time of year and will go as far as sitting outside homes or following delivery trucks to snatch a freshly delivered package. Installing a doorbell camera can be a great deterrent or consider a front porch lock box. These simple security enhancements keep you and your packages safe.

Online Giving Tips

Many of us like to spread cheer by donating to our favorite charities. Please double or even triple check the website you are using when making these donations. Most charitable organizations have a URL that ends in “.org”. There are also reputable third-party sites such as Charity Navigator and Give Well that provide all proper charity information and links to ensure you’re donating to the intended recipient. Always check with your RMB team before giving to ensure your donation is earning you the biggest tax break as well!

In summary, follow these quick tips to avoid a Grinchy holiday season

  • Think twice. Read emails thoroughly, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, and do not send sensitive information via email. 
  • Monitor deliveries. Install a doorbell camera, invest in a porch lock box and closely monitor delivery tracking emails to avoid them sitting out for too long. 
  • Do your research. Research your charities, double check the URLs and contact your RMB team before donating.
  • Advice for any season: Use dual factor authentication on your bank, credit card, and financial accounts. This alone prevents most cyber-attacks and is good year long protection.


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