Corporate Executive Services: Customized Financial Planning for Complex Needs

September 11, 2023

By cdarmody on September 11, 2023

At RMB, we serve a wide variety of wealth management clients, all with their own unique goals and situations. This includes an emphasis on serving senior corporate executive clients, and that’s where our Corporate Executive Services (CES) offering comes in.

Why the need for this dedicated part of our business? It’s simple: corporate executives, and especially senior executives, have unique and particularly complex needs. They have sophisticated compensation plans, and our RMB team members are specialists in how executive benefit packages work – and how best to make those plans and benefits work for our clients.  

Ian Doll, CFP® discusses the unique planning needs of corporate executives. 

Working with CES is essentially a three-step process: we put together a comprehensive plan for you and your family; we coordinate and execute that plan after it’s created; and we keep you focused on your plan and your goals in times of uncertainty. 

Charlie Brey, CFP® shares his perspective on the value of RMB’s corporate executive services offering.

Of course, your plan isn’t just based on your benefits and compensation package. Our planning is holistic and focused on the entirety of your family’s circumstances and needs. At the core of this is building a portfolio that takes into consideration all of your specialized corporate executive benefits including stock, restricted stock, 401k, nonqualified deferred compensation, and other financial perks. We also can help manage the wealth and planning needs common to all clients, including charitable giving strategy, estate planning, and more.

Here are a few areas that we commonly focus on with corporate executive clients.   

Tax Efficiency 

Corporate executive plans are complex and often drive unique tax circumstances that require an exceptional degree of intention to manage effectively. If you don’t fully understand your plan and your comprehensive financial picture, you can’t maximize your tax planning strategies. RMB’s CES advisors are experienced in understanding executive compensation plans and have the added benefit of in-house tax planning professionals to consult with as part of your team. We will also collaborate with your trusted tax and estate planning advisors—or refer you to our established partners when appropriate—to develop a unified strategy centered around your personal goals. 

Assessing Your Risk 

As a corporate executive, your family’s well-being is intrinsically tied up in the company you work for. We offer perspective on risk and rational guidance, including insights on how your company is performing in the marketplace, to assess your family’s individual situation. Our team will counsel you on the degree of risk exposure that comes from aligning so much of your personal investments, after-tax investments, and 401k in the stock of one company, and what additional steps you might consider taking to mitigate that risk or diversify your plans. 

Creating a Plan for the Future 

Many moments in a corporate executive’s life are knowable and repeatable: when to make elections, when bonuses get paid, when stocks vest, and so on. Rather than trying to figure out your plans at the 11th hour, our CES team can help you build a strategic and comprehensive plan heading into these moments, freeing you up to focus on life and work while RMB takes care of working to maximize your outcomes. 

As an executive, you’re used to making financial decisions now that can impact your business’s performance for years to come. We apply this same forward-thinking principle to your personal portfolio. Together, we review not only what’s happening in the current year, but what might be coming down the road and further into the future. 

Most importantly, with CES, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You will likely only retire once in your life, but we’ve been through retirement hundreds of times with our clients, and we’ll put that experience to work for you.  

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