$231.1 million

As of June 30, 2020

Inception Date

April 1, 2005




Typically 25-40%

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The Dividend Growth Strategy (“the Strategy”) seeks quality growth companies trading at attractive valuation levels with growing dividend payments.


Utilizing a disciplined, bottom-up, fundamental approach, we believe the Strategy’s process is distinguished by three key attributes:

Quality Approach, Seeking Companies With:

  • Durable business models with attractive economics
  • Competitive advantages, barriers to entry, and distinctive differentiation
  • Management teams that we deem to be exceptional based on a history of prudent capital allocation, an ability to adapt, and interests aligned with shareholders

Earnings Growth Evaluation

  • Emphasis on secular growth opportunities rather than cyclical growth
  • Focus on organic growth—deconstruct growth to identify potential inflection points
  • Seek out strong returns on invested capital and high levels of free cash generation
  • Evaluate ability and desire to consistently grow dividend payments over time

Concentrated Portfolio

  • Reflects our deep conviction in holdings
  • Ensures our clients’ assets are focused in our best ideas while still being adequately diversified
  • Enables us to conduct rigorous, fundamental research on every holding